About Ikonic Live

IKONIC Entertainment (IKON) is a for-profit organization that advocates for the sustainability of LIVE art performance and social entertainment experiences. With a focus on music entertainment, IKONIC LIVE has identified performance music art as a valuable medium that has the ability to bring together an array of cultures and communities.

For more than 20 years, IKONIC has hosted unprecedented entertainment experiences featuring celebrity Artists Cardi B, Meek Mill, Megan Thee Stallion, MoneyBagg Yo, Future, Yo Gotti & Jeezy, to name a few – at major concert venues such as The Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, with an attendance record of >11,000, per event.

Tracye Stafford

Tracy Stafford-Smith is an undeniable female force taking over the LIVE performance and entertainment industry. She has emerged as one of the most influential female nighlife venue owners/promoters on the east coast and has single handedly changed the world of club management and live performance events. As President and CEO of IKON Entertainment, a consulting and event production firm. Mrs. Stafford-Smith has not only broken barriers within the male dominated industry but has laid a foundation that will always keep Baltimore, Maryland as a competitive, thriving entertainment market.

Mrs. Stafford-Smith former ownerships include Dubai Nightclub and The Bedroom VIP Lounge located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. Dubai was one of the largest Black owned nightclubs, live performance venues and was penned as the “mega-club”. This venue, previously called Velvet Rope, had been Baltimore’s party powerhouse for over three years and was known to be the most luxurious club in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. Mrs. Stafford-Smith vision was simply to change the perception of clubs in the Baltimore market and provide an upscale, posh ambiance specifically catering to A-list performers and celebrities. Mrs. Stafford-Smith was one of the first promoters to bring to the city acts such as Cardi B, Megan thee Stallion. T.I., Lil Kim, Nikki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo and many others. From 2012 – present. Mrs. Stafford-Smith partners with RadioOne 92QFM for the annual live performance events such as the 92Q Winterfest, Spring Bling, Summer Jam and Fall Fest, the largest live performance events in the areas history with attendance >14,000 per event.

Tracye Stafford-Smith born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Columbia, Maryland, knew at an early age that the entertainment business was her calling. A graduate of Hampton Institute, she began her career as an A&R Assistant for Motown Records in Detroit, Michigan. She moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1990 and worked in broadcast radio as a Sales Executive for Clear Chanel and Beasley broadcast stations. She was later hired as a Sales Executive for CBS Sports Radio in 1995. In 1999, she moved back home to Baltimore, Maryland where she discovered there were no club venues in the city providing the right settings for major hip hop acts. She observed all major acts were bypassing Baltimore city and going to the upscale club venues in Washington, DC. Mrs. Stafford-Smith reached out to major artists she maintained relationships with through radio and the Motown label. She began to book exclusive concerts and parties. Her events became so popular and well received they open the doors for larger concerts where acts were requesting to perform.

Today, Mrs. Stafford-Smith is sitting on an empire and has achieved feats in the promotions business very few females have ever done. Poised and relentless, Mrs. Stafford-Smith has defined the culture of hip hop party promotions and has set a precedent for all females business owners in the club promotions industry forthcoming. Stay tuned as she launches Ikonic Live and Belize Rooftop along with her new reality show The Promoters  @tracyeikon